What is really in the Vaccines?

To begin with, there is a page at https://www.health.qld.gov.au/news-events/news/whats-really-in-a-covid-19-vaccine which tells us that:

" The ingredient list in a vaccine looks a little more complicated than a packet-mix birthday cake, so it can be a little intimidating at first. But don’t fear, we’ve got all the information you need to make a safe and informed choice."

QLD Health goes on to tell us that:

"The main ingredient in all vaccines is plain and simple water." Whew!!!!

Once you have read this far (and its not very far) you may feel like there is not much more to know - however for the more curious the information continues and certainly does become a "little more complicated"

"There are currently three vaccines Queenslanders are receiving for COVID-19: Comirnaty (Pfizer), Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), and Spikevax (Moderna)."

OK - we could stop here since the QLD Government Health Department assures us that these "vaccines" are either "approved by the TGA" or has been "provisionally approved by the TGA".

Good news you might conclude.. But here's where things start to become more complicated again if you decide to read on. The ingredients that the manufacturers have shared with the public and happily listed and justified for there inclusion.

Some of the 'stated' ingredients are already not particularly good for humans such as Polysorbate 80, a surfectant (detergent), which by itself has been associated with being an excipient cause of anaphylaxis (a multi-system severe allergic reaction characterised by an acute onset of cardiovascular (eg hypotension) or respiratory (eg bronchospasm) symptoms. ) a side effect not mentioned by QLD Health. There are many more ingredients listed with a bit of info explaining why some of them are present but no info whatsoever regarding there dangers or side effects.

You can read the full QLD Health text when you click the following link: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/news-events/news/whats-really-in-a-covid-19-vaccine

To be fair, if all you were reading was the Government info and didn't know there was more to know you might be forgiven for thinking that this was enough information for you to give what you might call "informed consent" Time to pick your preferred brand and get the injection and get it in you post haste - after all you have been told by the government no less that the 'jab' is safe and effective - so whats the problem?

The problem is that it's not even the half of it - there is a lot more in the vials and none of it could be called 'safe and effective' - keep reading..

Over and above the officially published ingredients - many of which you will discover are already harmful if you do your due diligence - are a number of much more worrying components in the inoculations which seem to have no place whatsoever in a "vaccine" or "medicine" let alone the human body..

For some reason these extra ingredients are missing from the official list.. Why?

The below list is the one you should share with people who think they 'know' what the 'jab' ingredients are. If they have not yet given informed consent you may be able convince them to at least wait before being permanently poisoned , injured and potentially killed off.

These components are common to most of the 'vaccines' and there presence has been corroborated and confirmed many times over by real, honest experts in the field using the most advanced microscopy technology and knowledge to analyze these truly dreadful concoctions:

  • Graphene Oxide - a conductive nano material capable of being programmed by EMF to reshape itself (self-assemble), and undertake simple tasks on frequency command.
  • LNP (Lipid Nanoparticle) GO Capsids - The nucleocapsid protein (N-protein) is a structural protein that binds to the coronavirus RNA genome, creating a shell (capsid) around the enclosed nucleic acid.
  • Aluminum - Causes short term memory loss, difficulty in performing normal tasks, behaviors have a tendency to escalate into anger and violence
  • Flouroscent fibres - (Luciferase?) We do not yet know what these are - stay tuned..
  • Stainless Steel - leaches nickel and chromium into the body - heavy metals..
  • Cadmium Selenide - toxic if swallowed or if inhaled, harmful in contact with skin, causes cancer, causes organ damage.
  • Trympanosoma Cruzi - a live parasite. Why? What? - See images >>
  • Hydra Vulgaris - a live small fresh water invertebrate (polyp) with the ability to self-repair (regrow limbs etc) In a laboratory environment has shown to be 'immortal'. This creature may be 'self aware' Read more >>
  • HIV / Aids - The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) affects the immune system gradually destroying cells called CD4 cells. These cells help the body fighting off disease - if HIV is not treated, most people will develop severe immune deficiency within 10 years.
  • Aborted fetal tissue cell lines - if you have no moral issue with this fine but see if you can justify why its there.
  • General other - toxic nanometallic content with magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic effects

First of all the above is NOT a complete list - there is more to come..

You might well ask what on earth the above things are doing in a 'vaccine"? The short answer is nothing good.. its a death shot that confers the ability to track and control recipients.

Once you know the truth you must speak out - to not do so suggests that at best you are under the mainstream media driven mass psychosis and are suffering from cognitive dissonance or at worst you are part of the plot and are therefore complicit.

The 'die-off' has already started here in Australia - however there is some good news..

If someone you know has already succumbed to the inoculation known as the 'jab' or 'vaccine' either by ignorance, coercion or force and want help, you can share information about detoxing from at least some of the toxins in the 'jabs' - particularly Graphene Oxide (GO).

For those of us that have decided long ago that we will NEVER willingly take the 'jab' under any circumstances - we still are not off the hook. We need to be mindful of the reality that we are being poisoned anyway - everyday and in just about every way. For that reason we strongly recommend that you get onto a daily detox routine. For more on detox for the 'jabbed' and the 'non-jabbed' visit:
Graphene Oxide Detox page >>

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