What Amount of Radiation is Dangerous

Symptoms of radiation sickness or Electro Hypersensitivity from wifi and radiation sources

Symptoms of radiation sickness or Electro Hypersensitivity from wifi and radiation sources.

Am I Radioactive?
No. Receiving ionising radiation, such as ultraviolet light from the sun or radiation from a dental/medical X-ray, will not make you radioactive. However long-term exposure to ionising radiation at high levels may cause permanent damage to the body.

We should all understand our bodies safe levels of radiation. Many of us are impacted by radiation on a daily basis in our workplaces. All of us are impacted by use of radiation emitting devices such as a mobile phone – the worse being a 5G enabled mobile phone, laptops, home wifi routers, solar  smart meter that is running wifi 24/7 and many more sources inside the average family home in the first world countries.

There are different kinds of radiation. The problems we’re concerned about come from ionising radiation.

Radiation dosages are measured in sieverts – but because these are so big we’re talking about millisieverts mSv (a thousandth of a sievert). Rather than being an exact unit of size (because different types of radiation have different effects) an mSv measures the effective radiation dose. According to the WNA, each mSv of radiation “produces the same biological effect”.

We’re exposed to radiation when we fly and when we get medical treatment – and whenever we leave the house. But the large dosages can have dramatic effects.

It has been known for many years that large doses of ionising radiation, very much larger than background levels, can cause a measurable increase in cancers and leukemias (‘cancer of the blood’) after some years delay. It must also be assumed, because of experiments on plants and animals, that ionising radiation can also cause genetic mutations that affect future generations, although there has been no evidence of radiation-induced mutation in humans. At very high levels, radiation can cause sickness and death within weeks of exposure.

Australians are constantly exposed to ionising radiation from a variety of natural and artificial sources. In Australia, people receive about 1,500 to 2,000 μSv of ionising radiation every year. This is the level of natural background radiation in Australia. Low exposure to ionising radiation at this background level is not harmful.

The sun is a major source of cosmic radiation, or radiation originating from space. Airline flights and skiing at high altitudes are activities that will increase exposure to this cosmic radiation, this is why flight staff are monitored for their radiation levels. If you fly often you should also detox from radiation regularly. Similarly crew of super yachts surrounded by their navigation and operational equipment also need to be monitored and detox from radiation often. Many buildings also emit ionising radiation simply because the materials that were used to build them, such as clay bricks and granite,  are naturally radioactive.

What is Radiation? Radiation can be described as energy or particles from a source that travel through space or other mediums. Light, heat, and the microwaves and radio waves used for wireless communications ( wifi, routers, mobile phones running on the 3 4 and 5G bandwidths are all forms of harmful ionising radiation.

Radiation includes particles and electromagnetic waves that are emitted by some materials and carry energy. The kind of radiation discussed below is called ionising radiation because it can produce charged particles (or ions) in matter. X-rays, gamma-rays, alpha particles, beta particles and neutrons are all examples of ionising radiation.

Radiation dosage – TYPICAL DOSEAGE