The Effects of Radiation on Bees – Shungite & Other Protective Treatments

Radiation Adversely Affecting Bees and the use of Protective Shungite

Can we do without bees?

Maurice Maeterlinck in his 1901 work “The Life of the Bee” estimated that at that there were at least 100,000 varieties of plant dependent on pollination. He also calculated that  and that without the bee, humankind might have as little as four years left of survival!

Fast forward to 2022 and we can see that the worlds bee population, threatened as it is by a multitude of environmental factors including toxins and radiation – created by humankind – is being decimated and is seriously at risk of actual extinction.

To many this may not seem important but its worth understanding the dependency we have on bees and other pollinators. Nothing much in the plant world has changed since 1901 apart from the fact that many plant species are already extinct , so the number of pollinator dependent plants is now probably smaller, environmental toxins are pervasive, and genetically modified organisims supposed to somehow replace nature are out of control.

What else could possibly go wrong? Well it gets worse. Consider for a moment a near future without bees or other pollinators. Without these the plants would simply be unable to reproduce and would begin to die off. Food producing plants would be a thing of the past.

Sure there are alternatives to plant foods such as say insects.  Apart from the need to intensively farm this type of protein (mostly indigestible to humankind), the research is also showing a disturbing level of contamination from diseases and micro-organisms that humans really shouldn’t consume and which are difficult to eliminate from the production chain. Not to mention the yuck factor.

Ok – what about laboratory grown or ” meat or fake meat. Lets start with Lab Meat. Apart from other issues, after many years of research and development this option remains an extremely expensive product to manufacture and process and therefore will no doubt be limited to those who are can afford this luxury item – the elite – if they are willing to indulge.

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