The Benefits of Shungite

Isn't it great when empirical scientific studies actually exist to support and prove what we already intuitively or anecdotely know! Shungite is unique in that there is actually a scientific basis for many of its claims.

Shungite offers protection from radiation, can help in treating infections, inflammation, allergies, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, digestive problems, and skin conditions. In Russia, shungite has been studied extensively for the treatment of depression, trauma and all sorts of mental/emotional problems.

Here's what we know so far

  • People from the region of Karelia have utilised fullerenes for centuries without knowing what they were.
  • It’s believed the healing properties of the spring water that flows through shungite outcrops is a result of the fullerenes.
  • Shungite is one of nature’s gifts for cleansing the environment, but it may have equally impressive effects for cleansing our bodies. Shungite can be consumed orally or applied topically via shungite water, or the stones can be worn on or close to the body.
  • Shungite’s unique structure enables it to bind onto many different things including:
    • chemicals
    • volatile organic compounds
    • drugs
    • chlorine
    • fluoride
    • radioactive particles
  • Shungite kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, phages and other pathogens.
  • Shungite can neutralize a significant number of toxins because it holds a massive quantity of hydrogen, making it very effective for water purification.
  • Shungite studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, point to a long list of potential health benefits, listed in the following box. Some of these are backed up by studies.
  • Shungite is used for:
    • Inflammation
    • Elimination of free radicals (antioxidant effects, reduced cellular damage)
    • Antibacterial and antiviral
    • Antihistamine (suppressing allergies)
    • Anticancer (slowing cancer cell growth)
    • Pain reliever
    • Immune booster, faster healing and tissue regeneration
    • Protection from ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation (including EMFs), geopathic stress
    • Enhanced detoxification
  • Other benefits reported in treating symptoms of :
    • for high blood pressure,
    • osteoarthritis,
    • respiratory tract infections,
    • diabetes,
    • gastrointestinal conditions,
    • skin conditions such as psoriasis, and
    • faster recovery for cancer patients following radiation therapy
  • Shungite offers protection against ionizing radiation such as ultraviolet and X-rays
  • Shungite neutralises non-ionizing EMF from computers, TV & radio, power lines, cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, & Wi-Fi devices.
  • Shungite applied topically has been proven to give significant protection from UVB radiation due to its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory proerties.
  • In cancer patients patients, those drinking shungite water returned normal blood panels five times faster than the control group - 3 weeks versus 3-4 months.
  • Rats exposed rats to radiation were given shungite water for 15 days showed a 95 % survival rate versus the control group survival rate was 63%.

Bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino:

"Thanks to its soccer ball shape, a natural fullerene attracts free radicals that end up stuck to it, covering its entire surface. Having numerous free radicals side-by-side on a fullerene leads to their transformation into a neutral compound. A fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract more free radicals.”

Shungite Protects Against Electro-pollution

  • Shungite offers protection against both ionizing and non-ionizing EMFs.
  • Studies suggest shungite offers protection from ionizing radiation, such as ultraviolet and X-rays.
  • A 2017 rodent study discovered a topical shungite preparation imparted significant protection to hairless mice exposed to UVB radiation due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • A study at the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences involved volunteer cancer patients drinking water exposed to shungite. Their blood panels return to normal within two to three weeks of radiation therapy - the control group took three to four months.
  • Rats that were exposed to radiation were then given shungite water for 15 days and showed a 95 % survival rate - the control group survival rate was a mere 63%.
  • Non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (radiofrequency and microwave frequency ranges) - the kind emitted by computers, TV and radio, power lines, cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, and Wi-Fi devices are neutralised by shungite.
Want Some Science?

Science meets Woo Woo!

Bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino has been conducting experiments on shungite since 2006. She studies the impact of natural objects, such as minerals and crystals, on the energetic bodies of living beings.

In most people, the vital energetic field extends out from the body about five to eight feet. Our vital fields are almost immediately affected by any change in our internal or external environment, including food, water, toxic exposures, emotions, lifestyle, and overall health.

If there is a persistent disturbance reducing the vital field, it can lead to physical or emotional illness. Chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation is one of those disturbances. Many people are unaware of how EMFs are affecting them until they are away from them for a while.

In repeated experiments, Martino has developed a highly reliable, reproducible way to measure these energetic fluctuations. She has proven that shungite, more than any other rock, is able to transform artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, thereby neutralizing their negative impact. In other words, it transforms harmful radiation—not by eliminating it but by changing its properties!

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Isn't it great when empirical scientific studies actually exist to support and prove what we already intuitively or anecdotally know! Shungite is unique in that there is actually a scientific basis for many of its claims.

In 1985, laboratory chemists synthesized new molecules which they named “fullerenes” (or “buckeyballs”) after the late Buckminster Fuller, famous for his geodesic dome architectural structures. In 1991, Science magazine distinguished fullerenes as the “molecule of the year,” and in 1996, the scientists who originated them were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


Shungite contains FULLERENES and has one of the highest carbon content of any mineral on earth.

The discovery of fullerenes has given rise to a staggering number of chemical combinations. Fullerenes have became the “tinker toys” of nanotube technology, giving rise to all sorts of innovations from drug delivery systems to solar cells to bulletproof vests.

When they were synthesized in the lab, fullerenes were considered nonexistent in nature. But in 1992, it was discovered that they were in shungite. Shungite contains 7 types of fullerenes, containing between 24 and 70 carbon atoms, but it is the larger ones (60 and 70 carbons) that have the desired stability. Naturally occurring fullerenes have the additional property of encapsulating water and gases (helium for one) inside their hollow carbon vaults.

Take away info..

  • Shungite’s healing properties were first examined by Ukrainian scientist Grigory Andievsky. He concluded that fullerenes act as adaptogens in the body, working at a cellular level but also systemically.
  • A study at National University Pharmacy in the Ukraine that found a significant drop in liver inflammation among hepatitis patients drinking fullerene water.
  • In Russia in 2006, a large volume of scientific data was presented at a scientific congress. Entitled “Shungite and the Protection of Human Life.” At it covered a wide variety of health benefits including applications in radiation protection.
  • The Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology at the national Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine exposed rats to radiation. The rats given shungite water for 15 days showed a 95 percent survival rate, compared to 63 percent for the control group not given shungite water.
  • In repeated experiments bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino has been able to measure the effects of shungite - and hundreds of other minerals—on human vital fields.
  • Martino has developed a highly reliable, reproducible way to measure these energetic fluctuations.
  • Shungite is scientifically proven to transform artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies by literally changing its properties.

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