Shungite Testimonials

Using shungite shapes:
Amanda a Kenesiologist wrote: I ordered shungite in different sizes including shungite spheres and pyramids for testing with my patients. I am pleasantly amazed at how many of my patients strongly muscle test after having a shungite pyramid in the car and in various rooms of their homes, including a large 60-80mm sphere in their bedroom.
One mother recently commented that since she began putting her 70mm sphere on the dresser against the common wall to her and her kids bedrooms, and carrying it all day in her large purse when they went anywhere, both of her kids are noticeably calmer. It will be interesting to see if that particular benefit is noticed by any other parents.

Keep up your good work. We need to open the eyes of the public to the benefits (and harmful effects) of energies. Whenever I have a family where I cannot get one of the parents to understand that it is to the entire family’s continued benefit to NOT HAVE WiFi or a cordless phone in the house, I recommend that they at least put the device on a shungite tile and have an adequate size sphere in the bedroom. Mine is 80mm and another 50mm pyramid on my desk where I work and one is stuck to my dashboard in my car. I teach muscle testing. The results of numerous tests of the EMF “protective” benefits of shungite are both surprising and helpful. I thoroughly recommend using shungite.
Amanda, Kenesiologist

Using shungite for Fullerene Infused water:
Ian who purchased a 900gram bag of shungite stones for water filtration purposes reported back to us that since using the fullerene infused shungite water, his gut health issue has dissapeared and he noticed improvements within the first week. Ian said this has occurred in just one month of drinking the shungite water. He is very pleased! Ian is the man who sold us the bags that our shungite is packaged in. He was our first person to purchase our shungite water stones!

Using pendants and a pyramid:
I use shungite pendants for my family and we do our best to wear them daily. I’ve given pendants to my children whom we homeschool to ensure they are protected from the EMF in our home. My children are calmer as a result of wearing the pendants. I also place a large  and glorious shungite pyramid in the centre of our small home to provide EMF protection throughout our small cottage. We love our shungite! ♥
Helen –  A Mummy

Everything Shungite everywhere:
It seems that I have fallen under it’s spell. I have 6 pounds of rough, 1 pound of elite, spheres and pyramids. I am a 65 year old man and the batch of elite shungite that came in, left me feeling GIDDY. That is only way to describe it. I carry it and sleep with it. I make about 14 gallons of water for cooking and drinking. I even keep a chunk in the bathtub and in my cat’s water bowls. May you be blessed with more Shungite ♥

Beekeepers are using shungite at the base of their beehives to help the bees. the bees are attracted to the shungite stones and its through that they may be grounding the bees. Its also thought that the shungite is grounding the hive and reducing the EMF around the beehive.

My children who wear shungite:

In general a child is well grounded and full of life, unfortunately, my children gravitate towards using screens – the new technology that is built to attract and over stimulate a child’s upper chakras. I balance out their time with drawing and running around and swimming, but they always gravitate back to a screen.

Mine doe not use computer games but I know many who do let their children involve themselves in them.  Many children are over stimulated in the sixth chakra and this creates symptoms of hyperactivity. My eldest is prone to ADD symptoms so I get her drinking the shungite water and wearing the pendant each day.  The hyperactivity syndrome can be understood energetically as an imbalance among the chakras and often a lack of grounding. The sixth chakra is greatly overdeveloped to the detriment of the first and seventh chakras (representing the mother and father respectively), which are too small.

Wearing a Shungite pendant or bracelet  during the day (but not every day at least at the beginning) and having shungite harmonizers or a sphere in their bedroom has helped calm my children. My eldest especially likest to have selenite in the bedroom with her too. The two minerals shungite and selenite work well together.

Shungite water, in a glass in the morning noon and afternoon is helpful for my children.
When my children are unwell especially, I increase the dose to 6 glasses a day.