Shungite Shapes | Properties | Protective Radius

Classic black Shungite (Type II) can be shaped into a multitude of shapes. Primarily, geometric shapes are used for creating protective fields of varying sizes and efficacy. Certain shapes offer higher protection and the larger the piece the greater the zone of protection.

Probably the most popular shape is the pyramid and the sphere  which have shown to be the most powerful forms and proven to offer the widest field of protection from EMF / EMR radiation.

Shungite is shaped into many forms including: cubes, spheres, egg shapes, tiles, plate shapes, small plates for cell phones, jewellery of all sorts including engraved  pendant pieces, beads of various sizes and shapes, cylinders for therapy and harmonization, rollers for massage and even sewn into clothing such as belts and body joint braces. Shungite stones are tumbled and sometimes polished to carry around in the pocket or bag. Shungite is even made into tableware such as tumblers. Below we explain in more detail the properties of the various forms and the coverage and protection offered by each shape and size. Come lets learn more about shungite..

Shungite Pyramid

Shungite Pyramids are used to activate a space and to protect from EMF.  The larger the pyramid the greater the emanation from the stone and the greater its zone of influence.  A 5cm pyramid gives you up to 2.3m protection and a 10cm pyramid up to 5.4 metres. A 15cm pyramid offers around 8m protection from its placement.

Shungite Cubes

Cubes resonate with the Earth and with the first chakra, reinforcing shungite’s action of rootedness or grounding. A shungite cube with sides of 6 cm (2.4 inches), even when it contains more shungite and is therefore heavier than a sphere with a diameter of 6 cm (2.4 inches), emits only to a distance of 2.9 meters (9.5 feet).
In order to bring grounding to houses built on landfill, houses on pilings, and apartments on higher floors, the use of shungite cubes placed judiciously following the positive telluric networks will pull together the connection that the building was lacking. In this way the occupants of this type of locale are able to reestablish contact with the Earth. Shungite cubes can even be integrated into the construction of the home if your expertise can be applied before building begins.

Shungite Spheres

Shungite spheres offer a larger zone of influence  than any other single shape.  A 5cm sphere offers 2.7m zone of influence and a 10cm sphere offers 12  metre zone of influence. A 15cm offers 15 metres and a 20cm sphere up to 20 metre zone of influence. Choose from either a polished or matt surface such as in this photo.

Shungite Egg Shapes

Egg shapes are a more gentle form used in the bedroom and restful places such as meditation space or bathroom. Place an egg on either side of your bed on your bedside tables to provide soothing energy in your bedroom. The egg shape enhances connections amongst all life forms.

An egg  symbolises the origins of life by almost all peoples of the Earth in their cosmologies and the perfect form of alchemists, the egg harmonizes the space around it. It emanates a wave of agreeable form that connects us more to life in all of its forms, both physical and spiritual. An egg of 150 grams (5.3 ounces) can emanate up to 3 meters (9.8 feet).

Shungite Tiles

These shungite tiles provide up to 5 metres radius protection.
These tiles can also be used under your wifi router to reduce radiation in the space in which is it placed.
These shungite tiles are used for cleansing and balancing your other crystals and as such can be used for the base of a crystal grid.  Beginners in lithotherapy often wonder how they can know if crystals are negatively charged and how to release these charges. One solution is to use the plate to  to remove the charge from all the other stones and realign them to their own natural vibration.  This form of cystal cleansing is easy to do .The shungite always stays active and fosters the alignment of other crystals without becoming charged itself because that is one of its natural characteristics. Shungite tiles are also used to place EMF emitting equipment upon it to reduce its impact upon the people, plants and animals  in the space.

You might also choose to tile an entire wall or floor with these shungite tiles to provide strong radiation protection in your home from radiating devices in your neighbour's apartment or office or to create a harmonious grounding effect in a room such as your bathroom.

Shungite EMF Protection Base Plates

The round shape offers a decorative option for your home that is either 5 cm and 7cm  in size. Its easy to wear in a pocket or purse or place it in front of your laptop to reduce radiation. This size and shape offers up to 2 metres protection from where it is placed. Our plates are engraved with your choice of image and has our website url on the back side. This is generally 100mg in weight.

Small Shungite Plates for Cell Phones

When you are on a cell phone call, you undergo a loss of 40 percent of your energy, the energetic body becomes very permeable, and the only chakra that is not decreased is the sixth chakra (the mind chakra). This means that all the energy goes into the head, while the fifth chakra  located at the throat which is the subtle area of communication is severely reduced. The shift in the vertical plane is also significant at the level of the head and shows how the action is localized. All of these disturbances in the energetic field remain active for a certain time after the end of the call. The time required for a return to a normal state depends on the length of the call. The shungite piece that sticks onto the phone as a remedy for these negative effects returns the vital field to its correct concentration and protects the energetic body during a cell phone call.

Shungite Jewellery (pendants, bracelets, earrings, engraved pieces, beads)

Pendants of various sizes offer up to 2 metres as their zone of resonance. Wear shungite in this form to protect you from EMF and to reduce hyperactivity during and after screen use most especially for those working with computers or for children who are over stimulated with screen use. We offer a variety of engraved icons that may align with your beliefs or needs.

Shungite Harmonising Cylinders

The harmonizers created in Russia that you most often find are made of shungite and Karelian steatite.  Steatite  also known as soapstone is a soft, gray stone that vibrates with the upper part of the energetic body and supports a good active exchange with shungite, which stimulates the lower part of the body. There are cylinders, spheres, and other shapes carved from these two minerals and originating from the same region.

Using harmonizers, you can sense a large energetic flow in the body, moving up in a spiral from below. Some people experience higher states of consciousness and an activation of extrasensory abilities.

Shungite Rollers for Massage

Shungite Massage rods  are practical tools for those doing massage or for therapies based on the stimulation of energy points. The qualities of shungite already extensively described are totally applicable to this tool as well. These shungite massage rods can be integrated into your self care regime or can be used by professional therapists to ground and balance the base chakra.

Wearable Therapeutic Shungite

Cloth belts filled with shungite pebbles  can be worn around the waist or on painful or depleted areas. During convalescence they are very effective in restoring lost vitality to the whole body as well as during periods of sustained effort. Shungite’s ability to relieve pain through direct contact but also penetrating through any kind of material has led us to make belts or bands stuffed with shungite pebbles for use on the back, the waist, the knees, and so on.

The belts are helpful for people suffering from arthritis or pain due to aging. They can be worn in contact with the painful areas during the day and, if need be, also at night. The belts are placed against places that are painful or stiff in order to bring suppleness and mobility to the localized energy. They can also be worn against the kidneys in order to activate the whole energetic body, or in conjunction with walks or physical effort. Although such belts are very effective and invigorating, they are temporary measures and should not be used every day. If you begin wearing a belt, try it first for a few hours and then increase its use by stages. Listen to your body—it knows its own needs and will be able to tell you when you don’t need to wear the belt any more.

Shungite Tableware

Shungite glassware can be used to infuse your water with shungite in a simple way. Enjoy the grounding effect of holding the glass and double  your health effect.