Shungite Powder For Detoxification I 30 grams


Shungite powder is suitable to take routinely for ongoing detox. Take 1/8 of a teaspoon per day with juice or water.

Shungite can be consumed orally or applied topically both via shungite water. It bonds & encapsulates materials including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive particles. It kills a variety of bacteria, viruses, phages & pathogens.

• neutralises toxins
• purifies water
• increases hydrogen
• anti-inflammatory
• massive free radical scavenging
• reduced cellular damage
• powerful antioxidant
• antibacterial properties
• antiviral properties
• antihistamine
• anti-carcinogenic
• treat respiratory tract infection
• diabetes treatment
• aids in treating osteoarthritis.
• treat gastrointestinal condition
• pain reliever
• immune booster
• faster healing & tissue regeneration
• protection from ionizing radiation
• protection from non-ionising radiation
• protection from EMF /EMR
• reduces geopathic stress
• enhanced detoxification
• lower blood pressure
• helps treat psoriasis
• faster recovery from radiation therapy
• reduced liver inflammation (hepatitis)
• increases plant growth
• detox from chemicals
• detox from vaxx ingredients





Detoxing with SHUNGITE
Use it for your internal human health and detox heavy metals. Shungite Powder can be used internally for detoxing from heavy metals from vaccines, chemtrails and toxic food.

Dosage: Take 1/8 teaspoon with one glass of water per day.  If you are unwell drink up to 4 -6 glasses of shungite water as well as the powder per day. Drink a minimum of 10 glasses  of clean water per day to ensure you have enough water. Do drink more water than usual as it will draw the toxins from your body and to do this the body needs plenty of excess water. A natural detox response may occur – such as headaches or runny nose as the shungite does its work. Just keep drinking good water.

Shungite Water: A more gentle detox is made by by infusing your filtered water with shungite pieces in your tabletop water system or in a glass jug. You simply make your own shungite water through infusion with the stones.  Place 100grams of classic shungite stones per 1 litre of water you want to infuse.  Infuse it for up to 72 hours (3 days) for the maximum benefit. Even 12 hours of infusion overnight provides some health benefits. Shungite infuses your drinking water with  an increase in hydrogen, adds calcium, oxygen and numerous other minerals making it an ideal mineral to create a healthy impact for your final water filtration process or for your internal detox regime.

Dosage: Drink a minimum of 4 glasses of shungite water per day when dealing with a health condition. As a daily cleanse drink a minimum of 1-2 glasses per day. The shungite for this purpose can be purchased on this page at Shungite pieces for water filtration.


Health Treatments: Shungite powder is used in spa treatments and for rehabilitation. Make the shungite powder into a paste or a compress with a carrier oil such as almond or olive oil and spread it on your skin across sore muscles for reduction in pain and inflammation. Mix the powder with water or oil until a homogeneous thick consistency is achieved. This shungite cream is applied in the lumbar region, as well as on inflamed joints. Such compresses increase blood flow in the tissues resulting in inhibition of inflammatory processes. It is also worth noting that such shungite compresses have a positive impact on human skin health. You might choose to use shungite water on your skin directly. Apply a fine mist from a glass bottle and let it dry.

Shungite Detox with a Spa and Bath Treatment: Did you know your body absorbs one and a half litres of water with every bath or shower. So it makes sense that if you use the purest water possible and add shungite powder  or infused shungite water to your bathtub or foot spa or full body spa you may improve your skin’s elasticity, reduce inflammation, get rid of any impurities, and even add rejuvenation properties and boost your skin’s glow. The Russians have been bathing in the waters of Karelia’s natural waters in Lake Oneeg for many many hundreds of years as they saw the health impact of doing so.

Shungite in your make up: What is more, you can add shungite powder to your regular cosmetics or even create your own to make them healthier for you to wear each day. Many brands are incorporating shungite into their natural cosmetics.

Mud masks with a difference: All you have to do is apply shungite with water to create a paste and then apply to problem areas on your skin to reduce inflammation. Shungite’s antibacterial properties are great for your face, so use the paste to make your own shungite face mask.

Animal Health:
It is used to create dietary supplements and feedings in the field of animal husbandry and agronomy. Many scientific studies in these areas confirm the fact that supplements based on this mineral are really effective. In one of the regions of Karelia, Russia in the village of Berezovka, an experiment was conducted. A farm that was breeding arctic foxes  the foxes were fed the shungite powder as a supplement adding it to their food. As a result, the population of Arctic Foxes in the control group increased by 20%. In addition, the well-being and quality of the foxes fur  improved significantly.

Plant Health: Nowadays, shungite powder is widely used in agriculture, on a large scale more so in Russia. It is mainly used as a fertilizer and if you add it to your potted indoor plants, for example, you can contribute to their growth by up to 40% and health. Shungite powder is often also mixed with organic fertilizers and it can help regulate temperature and humidity conditions, their growth, and stabilize the mineral composition of the soil by increasing fertility by up to 40%. So, if you are passionate about your indoor plants or simply love tending to your garden, try adding some shungite powder and see how your plants positively react to it. You probably already know that shungite as a mineral is widely used in various spheres. So, shungite powder is as widely used as stones and people adore using it in order to bring its health benefits to their bodies.

An Additive for Shungite EMF Paint:

The key component to making shungite paint is our shungite powder.  The first step in creating legitimate shungite paint is making a shungite paste. In order to do so you should mix shungite powder with water in a ratio of 1:2. The paste that you will create can already be used as a wall coating, yet it can lack stickiness and hardness, instead can experiment with that. Just put couple of layers of shungite paste on your wall and leave it to dry.

However, if you wish to get proper shungite paint to protect you in your home you should mix shungite paste with paint. You can take a standard wall paint that you can find in any hardware store. Take white paint or a transparent one to highlight the black color of shungite and then mix it with shungite paste. Keep adding shungite paste to get a shade of black that will fit your interior. Once you get the color you need, you can use it as you would use a regular wall paint, plain and simple. You can do this with darker paints and the shungite becomes less obvious the darker the shade you choose.

Create this shungite powder paint and coat a few walls with it, you then create a statement wall that doubles as an EMF protection wall for your home. Shungite powder is also used to create conductive paint, plasters, and mortars, which adds  a more layered EMF protection. Team the Shungite paint with our shungite tiles to provide the basis for a full EMF proof room.