Shungite Engraved Pendant | 12 Chakra | Vector Equilibrium


This engraving is our Quantum Energy Healing Logo and its engraved on one side of this pendant  with our website URL  on the back so you always  are reminded  where to come back and shop and can refer your friends to us easily.
So when your friend says they love your shungite pendant you can easily show them where they can buy theirs – or perhaps you can buy them one as a special gift. It is a Vector Equilibrium – the original cosmic crystal form with 12 Chakras.
Choose from two sizes either the 35mm or 45mm diameter round classic shungite pendants.

This shungite pendant provides EMF protection & neutralisation up to 1.5m – 2m radius from the wearer.

Please wear it with joy.

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Why did we choose this sacred geometric shape as our Quantum Energy Healing logo and place it on our first and favourite engraving for our shungite pendants?

The Vector Equilibrium,  is the shape for FREEDOM and as its name describes, is the only geometric form wherein all of the vectors are of equal length. This includes both from its center point out to its circumferential vertices, and the edges (vectors) connecting all of those vertices. Having the same form as a cuboctahedron, it was Buckminster Fuller  ( the same man who discovered the shape that is found in fullerenes which are found in Shungite and it is  Buckminster who discovered the significance of the full vector symmetry in 1917 and called it the Vector Equilibrium in 1940. The significance of this discovery of this sacred geometric shape is important. The engraving of the vector equilibrium contains the 12 chakras.

With all vectors being exactly the same length and angular relationship, from an energetic perspective, the VE represents the ultimate and perfect condition wherein the movement of energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium, and therefore absolute stillness and nothingness. As Fuller states, because of this it is the zero-phase from which all other forms emerge (as well as all dynamic energy events as will be described below). In Fuller’s own words…(Cosometry)

“The vector equillibrium is the zero starting point for happenings: it is the empty theater and the empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.”

The Cartesian Coordinate System results from the 90-degree intersection of three planes (that extend, at least theoretically, into infinity.  The Vector Equilibrium – Buckminster’s name for the 60-degree coordinate system is formed when four hexagonal faces intersect with each other at 60 degrees.  As you can see in the figure below, the Vector Equilibrium does not extend to infinity. It closes back around its center.

This logo and shungite stone  is inherently connected. Did you know that shungite has the ability to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous waves from 4G, 4G+ and 5G & EMF radiation including electro-pollution from ‘dirty’ electricity. Wear this engraved black shungite pendant to create EMF protection around your body up to a 2 metre radius. It comfortably sits against your skin and is a comfortable weight.  This pendant is for your safety, is symbolic & fashionable.

This shungite pendant is made from a single piece of rare natural classic or black shungite stone. Shungite is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on earth. Shungite has the ability to absorb and EMF protection. In addition, it helps to fight geo-pathogenic phenomena. The picture on our shungite pendant necklace is applied by engraving. This pattern will not be erased and will be visible for a very long time. Enjoy wearing it.

These make perfect affordable gifts for everyone you love and want to protect from radiation or help cope better with the anxiety filled we world live in.