Shungite Cubes | Matt | Polished Surface


Shungite cubes can be used to provide EMF protection in your home or workplace. Buy as many as needed to cover all places where routers, computers, mobile phones and its charging station and other EMF emitting devices sit within your home. Expect a protective zone of up 2-3 metres dependent on the size of your cube.



Cubes of Protection
We offer 3 sizes of cubed shungite to choose from, matte or polished surface finish, to suit your EMF protection needs. The protection increases with the size of your cube. Place a cube in front of computers or devices in your home  or between you and the EMF emitting device to offer the best EMF protection. Place cubes around your living and sleeping space, for example to get complete coverage of 4 metre room place place a  60mm cube in each corner of that room.

Bedroom and Office Protection: Place a  60mm and larger cube in each corner of your rooms to increase EMF protection.

The matt unpolished surface of the shungite cube has a light black color. This surface is rough to the touch and looks natural. On such surfaces inclusions of Pyrite and Quartzite in the form of veins are well distinguished and very beautiful. These minerals are integral companions of this rare black mineral we know as shungite. On the unpolished surface of the shungite cube, there may also be traces of finger marks. It is better to hold such products by the ends or corners of the shape with a firm grip. Don’t drop it!