Shungite 8mm Bead Bracelet On Elastic Crystal Thread


How to find your fit for a shungite bead bracelet: Measure the actual wrist size exactly to within one of the 2cm sizes suggested.

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Wear this powerful shungite bracelet to protect yourself from high frequency electromagnetic frequencies in your environment and home.  The round shape is immensely powerful as it provides a large surface area to expose the fullerenes to the environment from which to absorb dangerous frequencies.

This bracelet provides up to 2 metres protection from EMF when worn.

The 8mm shungite beads are carved smooth to be comfortably worn against your wrist.

What does the shungite bracelet do for you?
Our shungite bracelet balances your body and can be very effective with blood flow and stress functionality and management if worn on the left wrist. As the blood flows through your left hand, it grazes the natural energy of the Shungite. The concentration of fullerenes in the Shungite interact with your normal body chemistry, as the blood goes through your hand and returns to the brain. It carries with it some carbonate type helpers which go into different parts of your cerebral system improving the Alpha, and Beta energy that is produced. This in turn causes a chain reaction in the left side of your brain triggering memory restoration, in some people.

On the right wrist, the alpha and gamma centers of your brain are affected through simple continued wearing of Shungite bracelet. This enables the strength energy of your brain to be energized. Libido and stamina are enhanced, as well as eyesight is helped.

On either wrist, the cerebellum is helped because it is somewhat the controller of the central nerve system. Each nerve ending begins and ends at these parts of the body. The pulse becomes energized, and the effects of fullerenes become more apparent when it does.

The power of a shungite bracelet is that it protects your hands, which absorb so much energy throughout the day. From texting and typing to holding devices, our hands and fingers interact with technology more than many other parts of the body and need extra protection and cleansing. Wearing the Shungite properties of detoxification and harmonization as a bracelet keeps that energy close to your hands and acts as a constant source of energy.

When the shungite bracelet is worn on both wrists, it would be comparable to creating a circuit in your body that is a closed current, and it would constantly energize and strengthen all parts of the body as mentioned. However, there is also one more thing it can do for the human body – it grounds you. Helping you feel calm and clear minded.

Naturally shungite stone is infused with dimples of quartz and pyrite stripes creating various surface colouring that look a little like veins within the shungite stone.

We use only natural shungite stone in production, so we cannot perfectly smooth the surface.

Watch for fake shungite:
Someone who makes perfectly smooth pendants,  can only do this with some synthetic material. To do this, they simply fill in the form with epoxy resin, plastics and other polymers. But our craftsmen carve products by hand from solid raw rock, and then polish each piece from all sides.

We make various sizes from 25 bead to 28 bead bracelets for various wrist sizes.