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We can test for RF/ELF/EMF/EMR exposure around / in your home and workplace on the Sunshine Coast and provide a report of the results – from $300. Prices include call-out, the testing of a house or office of 1-2 rooms, travel to and from (50km radius of Noosaville) and the production of an exposure & levels and report. At checkout the $10 shipping cost that is automatically added has been accounted for. Extra rooms add to the cost. Rooms count as any type including garages etc – except for laundry, toilet or cupboards. For over 12 rooms (large office/property/resort etc) get in touch by email to discuss.

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Call-out & 1-2 Rooms, 3-4 Rooms, 5-6 Rooms, 7-8 Rooms, 8-10 Rooms, 10-12 Rooms, 12-14 Rooms