How to Find a Remedy

We invite you tune in to your vibrational frequencies and use your emotional intuition to discover what your body and mind most needs.

There are several ways to find the homeopathic or flower remedy or remedies that you need to achieve better emotional health and balance and to maintain equilibrium.

Find the Homeopathic Remedy that may help you on your journey towards improved health and quality of life. You can search by remedy or by symptom.

  • Visit the Homeopathic Remedies shop page and browse the remedies one by one and match your indications and symptoms to the remedy that seems to most fit your issue. Go to the Homeopathic Remedies shop page >>
  • Visit the list of Indications and Symptoms page to identify those which seem best to match your own or the person you are helping. When you find the match go to the remedy that is proposed. Browse the list of Indications and Symptoms >>

Find the Flower Remedy that you need that may help you improve and maintain emotional equilibrium. As above, finding the right flowers remedy or remedies requires openness with oneself:

  • Browse the list of emotional indications and choose the flower remedy to suit your current challenge. Be honest with yourself. Try to be open and receptive to what is troubling you. You will need to be able to accept as avoidance will not help find the right solution. Read indications and choose your flower remedy or remedies >>
  • At a more intuitive inner level you can view the various images of the flowers and allow your higher self to guide you to the remedy or remedies you need by selecting the 1-3 images that resonate at that moment. Trust your inner consciousness to choose the right remedy or remedies. Visit the flower images page to make selections >>