Dental Health Protocol

If you do search on the internet for the 3 words above you will see that it has become vernacular for the dental industry - it's no longer the tongue in cheek in-joke that it once was. The industry no longer even bothers to hide its dirty secret.

In the early part of the 20th century, within the budding industry, there was a great deal of debate about the source of tooth decay. Some dentists and doctors such as Weston A Price had critical ideas about the source of caries however most simply went along with the narrative that supported their position in what was rapidly becoming a highly profitable profession.

The newly formed industry body which was to represent dentists in the USA felt that further argument regarding the cause of dental decay would cause confusion in the public and might even damage the reputation of the industry. Based upon the current thinking of the time it was proposed that dental decay must be caused by the secretions from bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria eat food left around the teeth and gums and after digestion excrete acidic waste which somehow triggered caries.

A vote was taken - essentially putting an end to the debate. It was also agreed that this decision should effectively end any further discussion - certainly in the public eye.

The idea that bacteria eat food particles in the mouth and excrete acidic waste that causes cavities has became a 'fact' and to this day remains so for most people.

The doctor dentist Weston A Price did not accept this convenient truth and in the 1930's set out to discover what really caused tooth decay. He suspected that diet had a great deal to do with dental and general health and set about researching and traveling to different parts of the world to observe the dental health and diets of indigenous peoples.

For nearly 10 years, from the mid 1930's, Weston Price and his wife Florence traveled to various places ranging from the Hebrides in Scotland, New Zealand and Australia in search of the secret to better dental health. They observed that people who continued, after hundreds of years, to eat the same locally sourced foods that they had always eaten had near perfect dental health. They also saw that when they exchanged the traditional local for a 'modern' dietary paradigm these folk very quickly succumbed to tooth decay and general poor health. They found that dental health has everything to do with overall health.

Despite almost 100 years of efforts to discredit Price's wonderful work, he has gained a growing global following - people that instinctively know that we certainly 'are what we eat' in so many ways. Price wrote extensively and his books are still available today. 'Cure Tooth Decay' was written much more recently by Ramiel Nagel who has paraphrased Prices work and bought it into a 21st century context for us to easily understand. Nagel's book includes much of what you will need to finally let go of you and your families dependence on the multi-billion dollar Dental Industrial Complex.

The Endocrine System

The writings of Weston A Price and other pioneers in his field contain some revelations for us. For example did you know that healthy teeth are self cleaning or that dental cavities can actually heal themselves?

In his research Dr Price found that certain types of minerals and vitamins were always present and fairly abundant in the diets of all the healthy indigenous peoples. Others including Ramiel Nagel  more recently confirmed this in his own studies.

Healing foods for dental issues are those that are extremely high in vitamin D and are also defined as dense nutrients. These assist in building strong cavity free teeth and at the same time improving general health and well-being by strengthening the Endocrine system. This system plays an important role in dental health and general well-being including glandular health and function such as in the pineal gland. These nutrients - long absent or no longer freely available in modern western diets - will help create healthy strong decay resistant teeth. Not only that but they will actually grow new dentine and heal existing caries.

Fermented oil products made from clean natural products are the key to dental repair and health. We have chosen and highly recommend the Green Meadows fermented oil products which you can order here >>

Heal Yours and Your Children’s Teeth

Ramiel Nagel

The dental health protocol is actually a regime that will help repair many health issues and contribute to overall improved health. The diet includes bone broths, fermented grains, and raw milk products to bolster intake of the right food nutrients that will protect and strengthen your teeth.

Essential to your dental health and very much related to the health of your endocrine system are the following vitamin and minerals:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
  • Vitamin B12 (Niacin)
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)
  • Vitamin D
  • B vitamin folate (folic acid)
  • Selenium,
  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium.

As well as teeth and bones the endocrine system supports glandular health and hormone production. A functioning endocrine system that can support bone and dental health needs a diet rich in fat soluble vitamins that can be sourced from vitamin dense foods such as grass fed diary produce like butter, cheeses, yoghurt, milk; preferably raw milk - not pasteurised or homogenised, organic meat products including liver, kidney, brain, glands, bone marrow, bone broth (fish or meat) and wild caught sea-foods and of course vegetables and fruit. Sugar and starch intake should be reduced and replaced by the above foods.

The full protocol can be read and studied in detail in the book by the late Ramiel Nagel - Cure Tooth Decay (2010) which can found in hard copy or Kindle. Nagel has paraphrased the work of Weston A Price and bought it into the modern context for us to understand and benefit from his own broader studies.

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