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"Comprehend and Copy Nature." Viktor Schauberger

"Shungite has properties that verge between living and inanimate matter."

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Shungite has an amazing & scientifically proven track record
What can shungite do for Detox, EMF Protection and Water Purification?

  • Converts artificial EMF's into biologically compatible frequencies.
  • Eliminates free radicals (antioxidant effects, reduced cellular damage)
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Antihistamine (suppressing allergies)
  • Contributes to slowing cancer cell growth
  • Relieves pain & discomfort
  • Boosts immune response for faster healing and tissue regeneration
  • Protects from ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation (including EMFs) and geopathic stress
  • Enhances detoxification
  • Purifies water by neutralising and converting toxins to harmless elements
  • Bonds to many elements including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive particles
  • Kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, phages and other pathogens
  • Neutralises a significant number of toxins for water purification
  • Increases water hydrogen content making it an effective in anti-inflammatory

Other benefits of Shungite

Other scientifically and clinically proven benefits of shungite reported include success in treating for high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, respiratory tract infections, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, skin conditions such as psoriasis, hepatitis treatment, and faster recovery for cancer patients following radiation therapy. Shungite is clinically proven effective for depression, trauma and all sorts of mental/emotional problems.

What are Fullerenes?

Thanks to its soccer ball shape, a natural fullerene (named for Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller the creator of the similarly shaped geodesic dome) attracts free radicals that end up stuck to it, covering its entire surface. Having numerous free radicals side-by-side on a fullerene leads to their transformation into a neutral compound. A fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract more free radicals.

Shungite has undergone many clinical studies over previous decades - e.g. a study at National University of Pharmacy in Ukraine found a significant drop in liver inflammation among hepatitis patients drinking fullerene water.

Tune in to your vibrational frequencies and use your emotional intuition to discover what your body and mind most needs.

Find the Homeopathic Remedy that may help you on your journey towards improved health and quality of life.

Selecting the right homeopathic remedy or remedies requires you be honest in appraising your health challenge:

  • Visit to the Homeopathic Remedies shop page and browse the remedies one by one and match your indications and symptoms to the remedy that seems to most fit your issue. Go to the Homeopathic Remedies shop categories page >>
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Find the Flower Remedy that you need that may help you  improve and maintain emotional equilibrium.

As above, finding the right flowers remedy or remedies requires openness with oneself:

    Dosages for Homeopathic Remedies and Quantum Imprinted Medicines.

    Our small bottles contain approximately 200 frequency imprinted pillules.

    The suggested dosage is 1-2 pillules as needed. This can occur several times per day. There is no dangerous or harmful dosage however there should be no need to over consume.

    What is Quantum Medicine and Healing?

    What are Scalar Waves in Quantum Physics?

    Scalar waves are a well-known phenomenon that has been observed in geology, astrophysics, and hydrodynamics. Often referred to as longitudinal waves or Tesla waves, these non-linear, non-Hertzian waves have the ability to carry information.

    Amazingly, scalar waves can travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance. Scalar waves increase the energy level of every hydrogen atom; this can be observed on spectrograph imaging. A spectrograph is a device that separates light by its wavelengths and documents this data. Hydrogen bonds are what hold DNA together, so it can be postulated that scalar energy can promote profound healing on a cellular level. 

    How is Scalar Energy Created?

    Scalar energy is generated when two electromagnetic waves from two opposite paths eventually converge. When these energy vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other out, leavinga static or stationary form of energy and zero frequency.

    Scalar energy does not flow like normal electromagnetic waves but instead occupies space and increases in spatial mass. The space that the scalar energy occupies is alive with checked and balanced energies. Scalar electromagnetic pairs create this balanced energy. This longitudinal, scalar energy space has extraordinary properties that promote healing.

    The Healing Benefits of Scalar Waves

    So now we know a little bit about what scalar waves are and how they are created, you may be wondering, “what do scalar waves actually do to promote healing?”

    Scalar wave energy healing can:

    • Increase the energy level of every cell in your body
    • Accelerate the uptake of nutrients into every cell in your body
    • Promote the elimination of waste from cells
    • Cleanse the blood of toxins
    • Increase immune function
    • Improve mental focus
    • Balance the hemispheres of the brain
    • Serve as an antidepressant
    Conditions to Treat with Scalar Wave Technology

    Scalar wave technology is especially useful in the treatment of stubborn conditions like:

    • Migraines
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Hernias
    • Extreme nerve pain
    • Arthritis
    • TMJ
    • Gut pain
    • Chronic pain
    • And more!

    Where scalar wave healing truly shines is in the treatment of chronic pain. Scalar waves block out noise in the area of treatment, allowing us to get a better picture of the underlying chronic issue. In our own clinical practice, once we were able to address the chronic issue better, a significant decrease in discomfort level was observed. We’ve also found healing with scalar wave technology to be much quicker and much more significant than in conventional treatments.

    Quantum physics explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic level how the entire universe really works. The study and acknowledgement of the quantum field of infinite possibility fundamentally changes how we perceive our entire reality.

    The application of quantum physics is at the leading edge of modern technology today from the fastest computers in the world to your every day grocery store scanner. Importantly the language of quantum physics helps us to better understand integrative medicine.

    Various healing modalities, both ancient and modern medical, have become logical, elegant, and satisfying as the interpretation of quantum physics reveals itself to us. Quantum physics proposes consciousness as the fabric and creator of reality. It is actually an ancient modality for a deeper understanding of the universe and therefore, the art of healing.

    With an in-depth knowledge of the gifts of quantum physics to medicine, we are better equipped to prevent disease and promote optimal health for every human being in the world. Quantum medicine and the continuing exploration of the quantum field is the next step for the human race in its inevitable journey towards ascendancy - towards our rightful connection with the source and creator.

    One of the great challenges within the current model of medicine is to break free of the traditional linear ways of thinking. Doctors and medical schools continue to use Newtonian physics, perpetuating a materialistic approach to healing. The limits and ultimate failure of this approach are becoming dreadfully apparent. Through the eyes of  the quantum observer, traditional allopathic medicine now looks primitive and harmful.

    We are now able to heal and cure ourselves using only our consciousness and without the use of technical instruments. This is the ancient paradigm - the relationship between spirituality and health is fast approaching us as the norm. This scientific model acknowledges the primacy of consciousness over matter as the basis of the fabric of reality.

    The products we sell have been created using technology intuited by Nikola Tesla whose technologies were stolen, hidden, and suppressed by various parties over many years. In fact this knowledge has been used over millennia and maintained by the elite over the same period for their exclusive use.

    Wikipedia states that "quantum healing is a pseudo-scientific mixture of ideas which purportedly draw on quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Advocates of quantum healing assert that quantum phenomena govern health and well-being.  Quantum healing has a number of vocal followers, but the scientific community widely regards it as nonsensical."

    Wikipedia may need to amend its entry about quantum healing as 'med beds'; and other healing technologies, including products like ours, make there way into mainstream thinking and into the marketplace.

    Therapeutic effects of Homeopathy and Quantum Medicines

    Electromagnetic frequencies are not part of Frequency Medicine, also known as Quantum Medicine and Quantum Healing. A narrower definition of frequency medicine is the use of electromagnetic frequencies to analyze and cause specific resonant effects in living cells. All materials including plants, flowers, minerals, essential oils, have precise and specific frequencies many of which have therapeutic, intuitive, and healing properties. Our products are designed to use these healing, therapeutic properties to respond daily in achieving and maintaining better health and daily and to treat and heal all kinds of maladies. They can be used for healing everything from back and muscle pain to burns, from physical injuries to restoring balance and alignment to the body. In addition, emotional injuries can be healed and motivation can be increased so mental and emotional issues can be dealt with as well.
    Dental Health Protocol

    The writings of Weston A Price and other pioneers in his field contain some revelations for us. For example did you know that healthy teeth are self cleaning or that dental cavities can actually heal themselves?

    In his research Dr Price found that certain types of minerals and vitamins were always present and fairly abundant in the diets of all the healthy indigenous peoples. Others including Ramiel Nagel (Cure Tooth Decay) more recently confirmed this in his own studies.

    Healing foods for dental issues are those that are extremely high in vitamin D and other vitamins which are also defined as dense nutrients. These assist in building strong cavity free teeth and at the same time improving general health and well-being by strengthening the Endocrine system. This system plays an important role in dental health and general well-being including glandular health and function such as in the pineal gland. These nutrients - long absent or no longer freely available in modern western diets - will help create healthy strong decay resistant teeth. Not only that but they will actually grow new dentine and heal existing caries.

    Fermented oil products made from clean natural products are the key to dental repair and health. We have chosen and highly recommend the Green Meadows fermented oil products which you can order here >>

    The dental health protocol is actually a regime that will help repair many health issues and contribute to overall improved health. The diet includes bone broths, fermented grains, and raw milk products to bolster intake of the right food nutrients that will protect and strengthen your teeth.

    Vaccine Injury and Detox

    Amongst many other dangerous ingredients vaccines include aluminium adjuvant, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde and thimerisol (mercury derivative). Vaccines by their nature are toxic and certain of their constituents can be properly defined as both carcinogenic and neurotoxic.

    The human body has many systems in place to aid in natural detoxification.

    The liver converts substances into forms more easily eliminated by the body such as elimination in the gut via bile or in the kidneys through urine. The intestines are home to “normal” gut flora that metabolize toxins and eliminate bad bacteria and viruses. It also delays absorption of heavy metals from our eaten diet. When you inject a heavy metal such as aluminium or mercury (thimerisol), it goes straight into the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier all at once.

    The kidneys filter the blood and excrete toxins in urine. Blood that passes through the lungs which can expel toxins as we exhale. Our skin excretes toxins through sweat. Skin irritation in the form of a rash or eczema following vaccination indicates that the body trying push out the poison to detoxify itself. The lymphatic system is the storage and shipping unit where white blood cells bring bad bacteria they have destroyed for removal. Our body is truly amazing and able to protect itself in many ways. Children however, do not have fully mature bodies and so this process is not fully developed.

    Overall, these natural filtration and excretion systems can normally deal with interference from most environment toxins that inadvertently affect us. However they can only function at capacity providing they are supported by a totally healthy immune system and are not overloaded with introduced toxins.

    For damage to the Immune system, Endocrine system, Circulatory system, in fact all systems, Our recommended REDOX Supplement enables the body to massively increase Glutathione production. Glutathione is the bodies natural anti-inflammatory. CBD (cannabidiol) is a systems modulator and will help ’normalise’ autonomic body functions for children and adults a homeopathic CBD remedy will be very effective. Shungite (fullerene) water made from shungite pieces or shungite powder will scavenge free radicals better than any other substance and trigger detox on a daily basis. These four supplements are the most important in aiding detox and prompting endogenous vitamin and mineral production and systems self-repair.

    To read this post in full click/tap here >>

    Recover from COVID Vaccine Side Effects

    If you are concerned about the dangers of the experimental coronavirus jabs including side effects for the vaccinated & the issue of shedding of spike proteins to the non-vaccinated then the following may help you.

    There is mounting evidence of extremely dangerous ingredients in the shots including graphene oxide, metals, parasites, HIV & more! Serious short & long term effects from the so called 'vaccine' range through:
 Tremors, Blood Clots, Encephalitis, Anaphylaxis, Bells Palsy, Localised pain, Localised inflammation, Muscle pain, Appendicitis, Heart attack, Stroke, Blindness, Deafness, Headaches, Cardio-vascular issues, Aches, Skin inflammations, Fatigue, Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Allergic reaction, Cerebral Palsy, Dizziness, Flu-like symptoms, Chronic fatigue, Sterility, Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Cancer and... Death.

    In the full version of this article you will find a list of things that you can do for yourself & others to mitigate side-effects from the jab or from exposure to shedding. Some items are common sense, others are specific products & ideas. They are sourced from people who stand in truth & science & organisations with no connections to government or big-pharma.

    The protocol is designed to reduce or eliminate danger from each other. Let's see an end to division. We can protect ourselves by building our natural  immunity by using products that prepare us for the inevitable exposure to COVID itself and vaccinated fellow humans..

    Read the full post here>>

    Is shungite therapeutic?


    All the Russian studies on using shungite for therapeutic purposes have demonstrated its effectiveness and its ability in stimulating immune system defenses and in reactivating healing processes and acting in a protective anti-inflammatory manner.

    From our non-medical point of view, we are interested in applying shungite to the domain of well-being. In its natural state and in whatever form it may be, this mineral displays no negative effect whatever. It is therefore ideal for usage without precise therapeutic control. However, as with any solution linked to well-being, the use of shungite never replaces the advice of a health professional when faced with any specific pathology.

    The advantage to the use of shungite is that it is never in conflict with other therapies, even those that depend on medication, because it acts on the base of our energetic body and supports all efforts taken to reestablish balance and health.

    How does shungite neutralise EMF / EMR / electro-pollution?

    Shungite neutralises EMF, EMR, and electro-pollution with some very weird science. Essentially the stone is able to absorb radiation, remove or modify the particular frequencies that would harm living organisms such as animals, insects, or plants, and without causing disruption to the original signal or its purpose, rebroadcast it.

    For example if you have a shungite plate on your phone it will protect you from the harmful frequencies within the broadcast band. A shungite phone plate will offer a protection area of up to 2m radius. Another example would be placing a shungite piece near your computer or laptop. As your WiFi router sends its signal the stone will take in the band, make the dangerous frequency safe for organisms and then rebroadcast it to the receiver - your computer.

    Shungite (fullerene) water

    The first historically recognized use of shungite was that of spring water gushing up from shungite rocks in the region around Lake Onega in Karelia. It was by drinking this water that the inhabitants of the region became aware of its properties. The use of this water over the centuries is living proof of the well-being that it brought to the population and its consumption is more than ever of current relevance.

    Of course importing spring water would be costly and complicated because it would mean creating infrastructures that don’t exist in Karelia. However, shungite properties manifest easily just by putting raw black shungite pebbles in contact with drinking water. As we all know, tap water coming from domestic water supplies is disinfected with chlorine and other chemical products. Constantly using this water for drinking and cooking without any additional purification means that our bodies are permanently in contact with these molecules even if there are only traces of them remaining.

    In addition, tap water is repeatedly subjected to pumping through powerful electric pumps, which generate intense electromagnetic fields. This completely destroys the living structure of the water. Consequently, we get tap water that is “dead water” with its structure broken. Imbibing this water has a negative impact on the cells of our body and on the proteins, and it augments the proliferation of free radicals, which contributes to cellular aging.

    The filters that are currently used partially remove pollutants but they do not restore the water’s natural dynamic quality.

    With its power to reactivate and revitalize, shungite gives water back its ability to hydrate our tissues and penetrate deeply into cellular structures.

    Shungite water can be regularly used as an energizing drink. (See plate 10 of the color insert.) If you are in good health, we advise drinking a glass every morning (but take a week-long break from it once a month). If you are sick or convalescent, you could drink 2 or 3 glasses a day. Shungite water has no secondary effects. Like all regenerative and purifying food and drink, it can stimulate the draining of toxins from the body and thereby speed up processes that are underway.

    How to Prepare Shungite Water

    Wash shungite pebbles by rubbing them with your hands or using a brush to remove any fine black powder.

    Place about 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of shungite pebbles per liter (2.1 pints) of water at the bottom of a glass or ceramic carafe.

    Leave the shungite in this water for three days in order to obtain maximum effect. Then your activated water will be ready to drink. Begin the process over again, continuing to refill your container regularly.

    Shungite keeps indefinitely. There is no risk of it getting negatively charged. However, in order to keep this preparation physically clean (avoiding an accumulation of nitrates, chlorine, and so forth), we advise purifying the pebbles in the sun every four to six months. If the water you use is heavily chlorinated or polluted, we recommend changing the pebbles every year or so as a matter of course.

    You can also place shungite pebbles on the bottom of a carafe fitted with a filter. The water is already filtered and the shungite can more readily deploy its activating power. This also works well with osmosis-processed water, which is very pure but if it is missing vital and dynamic qualities shungite can put that back in the water.

    Shungite water can be used in compresses or when washing as daily maintenance to maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin. Shungite’s fullerenes speed up the skin regeneration process and because of that it can help with juvenile acne and other skin problems.

    What is shungite?

    The name shungite is derived from the name of the village of Shun’ga in the Russian region of Karelia near the border to Finland where shungite was first discovered.

    Karelia Russia - shungite water

    Karelia, Russia - source of shungite

    Shungite was formed around 2.2 billion years ago in. There is still debate as to how it was formed - the two most popular views are that it was either created by a massive primeval lightning strike or that it is material from a meteor.

    We wonder also if it could have been caused by an explosive atomic or nuclear event of some kind that would have produced instantaneous, extremely high temperatures sufficient to enable the formation and fusion of the materials that make up this amazing, mysterious and powerful mineral. The Mahabharata describes what can only be atomic weapons being used during the 18 day war that is chronicled in the Bhagavad Gita (the sixth book of the Mahabharata) around 10,000 years ago and archaeological evidence has been found in India that points to such an event in that timeline.

    Whatever the origin of shungite it is becoming clear at the time of writing that it most certainly represents a gift to humanity very much for our times.

    For the science buffs the mineralogical definition for elite shungite (type I) is a 98 percent carbon, noncrystalline, non-graphite, structurally heterogeneous, vitreous, black mineral with a semi-metallic shine.

    Grades of shungite

    Type I shungite (elite / noble / silver shungite)

    Type 1 (elite / noble / silver) shungite

    Type I shungite (Elite / Noble / Silver)

    Making up less than 1% of the total deposit, type I Shungite (also known as Silver, Noble or Elite Shungite) occurs as a black, glass-like mineral with a semi-metallic, silvery shine. Containing 98 percent organic carbon, elite shungite is the scarcest and therefore the most expensive grade of the mineral. It occurs in narrow veins (maximum width 40 cm). Larger pieces are rare and therefore both keenly sought after and fetching a higher price per gram than smaller pieces. Even tiny pieces of elite shungite hold a great deal of power.

    Elite shungite is distinctive due to its conchoidal fractures (conchoidal fracture describes the way that brittle materials break or fracture when they do not follow any natural planes of separation) The fractures can contain ocre-colored inclusions called jarosite, a basic sulfate of iron formed from the oxidation of pyrite. Sometimes this type of shungite is called a crystal however this term is not correct it is an amorphous mineral and never crystalizes into any shape.

    Elite shungite is composed of 98% carbon. The remainder is nitrogen, oxygen (0.9%), hydrogen (0.3%), ash (up to 0.8%)

    Type 2 (black / classic) shungite

    Type 2 (black / classic) shungite

    Type II Shungite (Black Shungite)

    Type II is a black mineral. This is the kind of shungite most often used to make decorative objects and jewellery since it can be easily shaped and polished to a brilliant shine. It contains 50 percent to 70 percent organic carbon.

    Black shungite is composed of 64% carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen (3.5%), Hydrogen (6.7%) and ash content of up to 3.3%

    Type III Shungite (Gray Shungite)

    This occurs as a gray-colored mineral and contains 30 percent to 50 percent organic carbon. Carbon(30%), silicon dioxide (56%), water (4.2%), aluminum oxide (4%), iron oxide ( 2.5%), potassium peroxide (1.5%), magnesium oxide (1.2%), sulfur (1.2%), calcium oxide (0.3%) sodium oxide (0.2%) and titanium dioxide (0.2%).

    There are stones containing a lower percentage of organic carbon. These are called shungite 'rock' rather than shungite.

    Shungite definition: mineralogical definition for elite  shungite (type I) = 98 percent carbon, noncrystalline, non-graphite, structurally heterogeneous, vitreous, black mineral with a semi-metallic shine.

    History of Shungite

    Petroglyphs of Karelia (shungite region)

    Petroglyphs of Karelia

    Shungite was formed up to 2.2 billion years ago in the region of Lake Onega (the Russian part of Karelia near Finland). Archeology has uncovered numerous very ancient human settlements in this area proving that it has attracted habitation for many thousands of years.

    As the glaciers retreated at the end of the ice age (around 9,000 BCE) nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers gradually settled in Karelia. They left behind petroglyphs and rock paintings which date back 4000 to 9000 years and to this day remain mysterious. The rock carvings at Lake Onega (from the Neolithic era) include mythological scenes portraying aspects of nature, the seasons, and the elements. They also include aquatic birds, mythological creator gods, seasonal changes, animal migratory patterns, and the transmigration of human souls.

    Archeological digs around the lake have unearthed dwellings and sacred sites including labyrinths, sacred stones and burial sites from around 6,000 BCE. Lake Onega is sacred to the Sami shamansto modern times. It’s a power place where the pure waters continue to silently witness their private ceremonies.

    The area remained attractive through to the early 14th century when many orthodox churches and convents were built. The most famous of these is the 14th century Kizhi Pogost, the parish precinct on the island of Kizhi featuring the Church of the Transfiguration (1714), which was built without a single nail or any metallic element. This church has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Kizhi Pogost on Kizhi island, Lake Onega, Karelia, RussiaKizhi Pogost on Kizhi island, Lake Onega, Karelia, Russia

    Kizhi Pogost, Lake Onega, Karelia, Russia

    These Russian churches were not erected in this location randomly - they lie on trade routes and at sites of great beauty and benefit from proximity to the sacred sites that the ancients had chosen for their powerful energetic properties.

    The use of shungite has been chronicled by Russians since of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries suggesting it had already been in use for healing some time prior to that time. The first official written account of the healing powers of shungite is from during the reign of Ivan the Terrible and his son Feodor I at the end of the Rurikid dynasty. At that time the black rock was considered to be a local “slate” and was particularly famous for the very pure spring water that came from its source.

    In 1598, Boris Godunov (regent and brother-in-law of Feodor I) had himself elected tsar. To avoid having his legitimacy to the throne challenged he tried to distance himself from the Romanov family’s influence. He exiled the only remaining Rurikid still alive, Feodor Nikitich Romanov, his wife Xenia Romanova, and their young son Mikhail, forcing them to adopt monastic vows. Feodor Romanov was sent to Poland as a monk and Xenia Romanova was sent to Lake Onega to become a nun where she took on the name Martha.

    Peter the Great of Russia shungite

    Peter the Great of Russia

    'Martha' was lodged in a hermitage at Tolvuya, to the north of Lake Onega, where she almost died due to neglect and the cold. When tsar elect Boris died in 1605 his oppressive regime died with him. The local peasants, taking pity on 'Martha" her were able to save her with care and with water from a spring that had miraculous properties (the shungite spring). Once she recovered her health, Martha/Xenia was reunited with her son Mikhail from whom she had been separated for many years. Mother and son returned to Moscow to put an end to eight years of political turmoil and Mikhail was himself elected tsar in 1613, taking the place of the usurpers who had preceded him.

    This anecdote about shungite has survived only because of its direct association with events that have brought about significant changes in Russia’s history. The shungite spring was named Spring of the Princess after Martha/Xenia however it was quickly forgotten in Moscow and the miraculous water returned to anonymity as a source of help and healing, remaining of benefit to only the inhabitants of the neighboring villages in the region.

    Shungite reappears in historical records during the reign of Peter the Great of Russia. In 1714 a factory was established by the tsar for to produce copper near Lake Onega. History has it that workers who were poisoned or fell seriously ill because of the ore they were processing could be healed in three days with the “living water” from a nearby spring.

    Tsar Peter ordered an investigation of the spring, which flowed out from a shungite deposit. The investigations proved the extraordinary properties of the shungite water in healing illnesses such as scurvy and liver problems, among others.

    The tsar, after having spent some time at a Belgian thermal spa at the recommendation of his advisor Dr. Robert Areskin, ordered the construction of the first Russian spa at Konchezero on a small lake near Lake Onega. The spa was called Martial Waters. Unfortunately destroyed by fire in 1780, three wooden palaces were built for the tsar, his family, and his court. The complex included homes and inns for the patients and staff. The tsar had the Church of Apostle Peter erected between 1720 and 1721.

    During this period an article was written called “Inquiry on the True Properties of the Martial Waters of Konchezero,” containing nine brief descriptions of the illnesses treated by the waters from this spring. During the 1720s, tsar Peter returned many times (with his family) for treatment using the martial waters. Peter spoke of having experienced the unique antiseptic properties of water that had been in contact with this black stone and knowing that it conferred great vitality to those who drank it. So impressed was he that Peter the Great decreed that each of his soldiers would carry a piece of 'slate rock' (the name shungite appeared later) in their packs and to put it in their water flasks so they would always have pure, disinfected water, thus avoiding the dysentery that so often plagued armies in that time.

    The thermal spa closed down and forgotten by all except the local people following the death of Peter the Great. In the 1930s new medical studies of the water were carried out which showed that the level of ferrous oxide (79.7 mg/l) was greater than that of similar renowned waters such as the spas of Marienbad or Carlsbrunn. Unfortunately the Second World War halted all plans to build a new spa.

    A lodge on Lake Onega Karelia shungite

    A lodge on Lake Onega Karelia

    In the 1960s there was a resurgence of interest in shungite which entailed the construction of a new spa and new clinical research. These studies however remained confined to the local level. Since the discovery of fullerenes in shungite the research has attracted increased interest. The next section describes the results of more recent research which has scientifically demonstrated the beneficial qualities of shungite.

    Modern history & research - shungite properties & effects on health

    Russian Research

    Shungite has come into the broader consciousness with remarkable speed. This is in no small part due to the great awakening, or great remembering as some call it, that is sweeping the world at this time. The plandemic and dreadful fallout from the aggressive 'vaccine' rollout has triggered enormous interest in the already huge growth in alternative approaches to health and wellness and a tendency towards natural solutions to environmental toxicity. This also marks the beginning of humanity learning the inconvenient truth and finally turning away from the primitive but very profitable allopathic approach to symptomatic treatment.

    Beautiful Karelia Russia shungite

    Beautiful Karelia Russia

    The history of shungites relationship with humankind has endured for hundreds and most probably thousands of years as indicated by numerous sacred Neolithic sites in the area of Lake Onega.

    Russian scientists had been studying the powers of shungite since well before WWII which then interrupted it for many years after. In 1960 research began again in earnest when doctors and Russian researchers established new research protocols in order to test the validity of the properties of shungite on human health. The isolation of the Soviet world from Western influence spared the country from the overpowering domination of multinational pharmaceutical companies in search of isolates, patents, ownership and big profits. Shungite is impossible to patent and therefore most fortunately of no commercial interest to big pharma. In fact the only interest that shungite might have to big pharma is that it might present yet another alternative to conventional existing protocols and standards of treatment.

    During the Soviet era Russian researchers were able to profit from their relative isolation by developing scientific research independently. In Europe and the United States independent medical studies aimed at proving the viability of natural remedies were rare and often purposely discredited by big pharma propagandists in favour of man-made medicines and drugs. Certainly shungite did not qualify for potential as a profitable monopoly.

    Soviet era science poster shungite research

    Soviet era science poster

    Grigory Andrievsky & Team

    Andrievsky was the first scientist to prove that the specific properties of shungite were due to the presence of fullerenes. He set out to to identify the active principle that had created such widespread passionate interest in the martial waters and other products containing shungite that were being used by spas and in home remedies in Russia’s northwest.

    Grigory Andrievsky worked at the Institute of Therapy at the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences. His studies were then followed by Nina Kolesnikova's team. The results of these and other research studies led by various scientists were presented at a Petrozavodsk conference dedicated to shungite in October 2006.

    Professor Andrievsky created a base, an 'Andrievsky' solution, which contained a significant amount of fullerenes. Andrievsky noticed that the fullerenes that had been isolated and concentrated in this way did not constitute a remedy or medication in the accepted definition of those terms. It was therefore impossible to assign the shungite fullerenes to a pharmacological classification. His conclusions indicate that natural fullerenes act on a systemic level and not as a treatment for an illness. Fullerenes act as an adaptogen - operating both at the cellular level and at the level of the whole human body so adapting to individual needs.

    Shungite with its natural fullerenes is not a medication. Naturally occurring fullerenes are better described, amongst other things, as antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that mainly inhibit the process of oxidation and peroxidation of free radicals. Free radicals are normally relatively scarce and their pathological effects on the cells of the body are to a large extent offset by the ingestion of antioxidants found in a balanced diet. These antioxidants are found in things including vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and some enzymes contained in tannins.

    A lack of antioxidants or excess of free radicals can lead to premature cell apoptosis, heart attacks, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. When the body is subjected to particularly toxic factors, such as radiation (EMR/EMF electro-pollution etc), radicals multiply leading to systematic weakening. In this case more antioxidants are required to rebalance the whole. As we age antioxidant production also reduces.

    Professor Andrievsky’s team found that that aqueous solutions from natural fullerenes are among the most powerful antioxidants known today. Natural fullerenes can reduce the concentration of free radicals as no other antioxidant. In addition their action is stronger and longer lasting.

    The way natural fullerenes act is different from other antioxidants. Classical antioxidants combine with a free radical to form a resultant harmless molecule through a mechanism of neutralization. By contrast, natural fullerenes act as catalyzers. A molecule of natural fullerene attracts free radicals that end up stuck to it, covering its entire surface. Having numerous free radicals side by side on a fullerene base then leads to their molecular transformation into a neutral compound rendering them harmless. A fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract free radicals.

    According to Andrievskys research, fullerene molecules are a permanent catalyzer (something that triggers action or activity) in the recombining of free radicals, even in very reduced dosages and over a period of several months. In addition the conclusions of this work identify the following complementary effects:

    Natural fullerenes derived from shungite normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzymatic activity, stimulate the ability of tissues to regenerate, increase the resistance of the body’s cells, possess anti-inflammatory properties, and foster the exchange of neurotransmitters. Natural fullerenes also act against toxins in the body by neutralising them. Specifically, active fullerenes in the liver reduce toxicity levels and foster the elimination of certain toxins present in this organ.

    In the same way, certain internal toxins resulting from burns and from some other necrotic processes are eliminated, which speeds up the healing of this type of wound.

    This research has also shown that fullerenes have an effect on excessive exposure to heat. When the body temperature reaches certain thresholds of heat (high fevers for example), proteins present in the body undergo destructive molecular modifications. The presence of natural fullerenes in the body significantly increases the stability of biomolecules that have been exposed to an excess of heat. The Russian scientists quickly found a practical application of this in the field of oncology.

    The Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences conducted experimental protocols on volunteer cancer patients who had undergone sessions of radiation therapy. Detailed blood analyses were conducted on these patients before, during, and after their treatment with radiation therapy; both for the group that had received shungite water and for a control group. The doctors found that blood levels returned to normal in two weeks following the radiation in patients who had taken shungite water, whereas it took an average of three to four months for the values of those in the control group to return to normal levels.

    Nina Kolesnikova & Team

    Dr. Nina Kolesnikova is in charge at a sanatorium near Moscow that specializes in cardiology, but also treats diabetes, hypertension, and infectious diseases. She decided to use shungite in the treatment of the following illnesses:

    High blood pressure Joint pain issues Osteoarthritis Chronic nasal infections and respiratory tract infections Diabetes mellitus and diabetic angiopathy Pathology of the gastrointestinal system Psoriasis

    Patients exhibiting hypertension, psoriasis, and joint problems were given a shungite bath for ten to fifteen minutes every day. The doctors observed a stabilization in the condition of these patients, an increase in their well-being, and a desire to return to a physically active life.

    For patients with joint issues and psoriasis, a heated shungite paste between 1 and 2 centimeters thick was applied to the affected area over several successive days for twenty to thirty minutes each time. The doctors observed a reduction in lesions, a lessening of pain, an increase in joint mobility, and a decrease in joint stiffness.

    The report on the work of this medical team also contains the following information which we quote here:

    Shungite was also used as a mouthwash for sore throats, stomatitis, and periodontitis and gave good results. Shungite water (carbonate, sulfate, chlorine, magnesium, sodium) was used with diabetic patients. The treatment improved their well-being, stabilized the metabolizing rate of carbohydrates, and reduced the level of skin irritation and lesions.

    Treatment with shungite water was also seen to be significant for digestive system illnesses. Shungite water was administered in 100 ml dosages on an empty stomach and was used for chronic colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, and cholecystitis. The shungite water had a toning and anti-inflammatory effect. It reduced bloating, acid reflux, and returned stools to normal.

    Shungite was also used directly in the form of a natural stone to massage the feet. This foot massage doesn’t have any direct contraindication, but does require the individual’s choice as to the length of the procedure. Measuring the blood pressure before and after the procedure was a precondition for this massage. The absence of any significant change in direction of the rising or falling arterial pressure meant that the procedure was well chosen. The procedure lasted an average of two to five minutes. The impact on the reflexology areas on the foot contributed to an improvement in the blood supply to organs and tissues. Such a procedure had a positive effect on degenerative joint disease, on lumbosacral radicular (radiating) pain, and on osteochondrosis.

    In concluding this report, the medical team would like to report that it is in favor of continuing the use of shungite given its positive effects on the patients, but also because it made possible a reduction in the amount of medication needed by these patients.

    Water quality & EMF / EMR Electro-pollution levels in New South Wales.

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    Shungite in New South Wales Australia

    Shungite has been relatively unknown in New South Wales until recently. It's really only in the last 5-10 years since 2010 that Australians have become aware of shungite and searched it out for its amazing properties including EMF protection, water purification and human and animal health through consumption of shungite (fullerene) water or fine shungite powder.

    The fullest extent of shungites qualities are best known to the Russians who have studied and tested shungite actively since the 1960s. The Russians in fact have used shungite extensively in health and wellness since that time. In particular its ability to bond with, and neutralize, radioactive isotopes has made it a common inclusion in after-care for radio therapy patients - reducing blood recovery from at least 4 months down to 3 weeks!

    To date it appears that Shungite does not occur naturally in Australia although fullerenes do occur in cosmic dust, some lightning residue and rarely in extremely tiny amounts in coal in Australia.

    Gems and Crystals found in New South Wales

    Although Australia has no deposits of shungite it has just about every other mineral, crystal, semi-precious stone and gem imaginable. Aside from large scale commercial mining of mineral resources Australia has many sought after stones, crystals and gems such as Sapphires, Opals, Jade, Rubies, Garnets, Emeralds and Diamonds. Although gems Pearls are also sought after off-shore for their natural beauty, rarity and value.

    Other stones found in varying amounts include Agate, Amethyst, Petrified Wood, Jasper, Calc-silicates, Black Jade, and Rhodonite, Chalcedony, Organic gems, Tiger Eye Jasper, Aragonite, Cordierite, Mookaite, Fuchsite, Jasper, Munjina and Print stones,and the especially rare precious gem, Prehnite (a type of Jade).

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