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To do this you will need to be open and receptive to what is troubling you. Try to be honest in recognizing the issue since denial will not help find the right solution.


Sacred Flower - view product >>
Feel frequent anxiety or depression often as a result of inflammatory pain or physical discomfort

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Constantly feeling dirty, needing to wash your hands often, feeling ugly.

Elm Flower - view product >>
Feeling overwhelmed, often depressed and exhausted with low self-esteem.

Larch Flower - view product >>
Lacks self-esteem and confidence.

Oak Flower - view product >>
An over-achiever, work-a-holic and ignores exhaustion.

Pine Flower - view product >>
Never content with your efforts and results, feel guilt and self-reproach, often for other peoples mistakes or just anything that goes wrong.

Star of Bethlehem Flower - view product >>
The distress and unhappiness feels unbearable when you experience trauma, serious news, loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident etc.

Sweet Chestnut Flower - view product >>
Your mind or body feels as if it has tolerated the uttermost limit of its endurance. It feels as though there is nothing, but destruction and annihilation left to face.

Willow Flower - view product >>
Feel sorry for yourself, have suffered adversity or misfortune and find it difficult to accept.


Sacred Flower - view product >>
Feel frequent fear or paranoia as result of external events, news and also social discomfort.

Aspen Flower - view product >>
Fear that is vague and unexplainable with no apparent cause.

Cherry Plum Flower - view product >>
Fear of losing control of thoughts and actions and doing things they perceive are wrong.

Mimulus Flower - view product >>
Fear of illness, being alone, losing a job, fear of speaking or fear of dogs, spiders, etc. Also debilitating shyness.

Red Chestnut Flower - view product >>
Anxious and afraid that some unfortunate things may happen to your loved ones.

Rock Rose Flower - view product >>
Experiencing fears, scares or terror causes one to freeze unable to move and or think clearly.


Chestnut Flower (Bud) - view product >>
Takes longer to learn a lesson. Constantly making the same mistake over and over again.

Clematis Flower - view product >>
Unhappy with life and withdraw into fantasy worlds. Ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Difficulty with clarity and alertness in the moment.

Honeysuckle Flower - view product >>
Thoughts are in the past rather than the present, living in the past instead of being in the present.

Mustard Flower - view product >>
Suddenly depressed without any reason,happiness and cheerfulness disappear.

Olive Flower - view product >>
No energy, vitality and interest in life.

White Chestnut Flower - view product >>
Mind is cluttered, often with negative thoughts.

Wild Rose Flower - view product >>
Unable to take responsibility for your own life, work, and the world in general.


Heather Flower - view product >>
Unhappy being alone for any length of time, always seeking companionship and find it necessary to discuss your affairs with others no matter who it may be.

Impatiens Flower - view product >>
Little or no patience with others, prefer to work alone. An impatient attitude and persistent stress.

Water Violet Flower - view product >>
Often a loner, cold or warm relationships with other people. Often find lonely.


Sacred Flower - view product >>
Feel stressed and argumentative due to a perceived ignorance of others.

Beech Flower - view product >>
Critical toward other people and difficult to accept them as they are.

Chicory Flower - view product >>
Critical, opinionated, and argumentative. Often find fault with others.

Rock Water - view product >>
Expect too much of yourself.

Vervain Flower - view product >>
Strong willed and hold strong views. Putting unnecessary effort into everything you undertake, your mind races ahead of events, often suffer from lack of sleep due to an overactive mind.

Vine Flower - view product >>
Difficult to respect other peoples views and ideas, tend to try to persuade other people to do things your way.


Agrimony Flower - view product >>
Unable to effectively communicate your real feelings and worries. Often hide your feelings behind humor. Prone to use alcohol or drugs in excess.

Centaury Flower - view product >>
Often serving others, neglecting oneself. Unable to say no, easily gets imposed on.

Holly Flower - view product >>
Suffer from angry thoughts such as jealousy, envy, revenge, and or suspicion.

Walnut Flower - view product >>
Unable to break free from old ties or to move forward and make the necessary changes in 0rder to be happy.


Sacred Flower - view product >>
Feel unfocused or distracted in daily activities the way forward.

Cerato Flower - view product >>
Unable to trust your own judgement in decision making.

Gentian Flower - view product >>
Discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when faced with even small changes.

Gorse Flower - view product >>
Feeling hopeless and have given up.

Hornbeam Flower - view product >>
Insufficient mental or physical strength to carry the daily burdens

Scleranthus Flower - view product >>
Unable to make simple decisions.

Wild Oat Flower - view product >>
Unable to make life decisions.